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Encore is part of the Connect the Docs social media team that supports online audience engagement at screenings of contemporary documentary films –  in Victoria and across Canada. The Connect the Docs project pushes the digital boundaries of online engagement with extensive research and preparation beforehand that includes arming the social media team with links to speaker profiles, articles, media stories, documentary trailer, online reviews, social media handles for filmmakers, panel members, key influencers in each city across Canada and more. With that information easily at our fingertips (in a Google doc), information can be easily shared with interested audience members.

During the screening, the social media team engages the online audience encouraging them to make comments and ask questions of the filmmaker and panel members in the post screening panel discussion. 

The result? Some very impressive engagement numbers (close to a million) were achieved in the last screening of Secret Trial 5 on March 25th. For this event, MaryLou hosted a pop-up screening event in her home in Victoria while the rest of the team attended the live event in Vancouver. 

The smaller, more intimate setting of a home screening yielded some interesting exchanges among the 4 participants who took part in a lively conversation around the idea of security certificates – admittedly a new idea for everyone in the room. The general consensus was a feeling of outrage at the idea that a person could be detained in prison without being charged. “Is this happening in Canada?” was the question on everyone’s lips.

Thanks to GW, NG, and JL for your engagement and participation in the pop-up screening event.

Read the entire STORIFY summary. 


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